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Tora-san is a character of famous comedy movie series “Otoko wa tsuraiyo”(It’s Tough Being a Man), staring Kisyoshi Atsumi (1928-1996). This movie had been made since 1969, and it was released 48th films in 1995. After Atsumi’s death of cancer, the Japanese government gave him a National Honor Award. There is a statue of Tora-san near the Shibamata station. In the movie, he went to trip from this station after his broken heart. This statue turns around his home.

Shibamata station and Tora-san's statue

Shibamata station and Tora-san’s statue

Keisei Kanamachi line's train

Keisei Kanamachi line’s train

Tora-san Museum's poster

Tora-san Museum’s poster

Night light of Shibamata

Night light, Kiyoshi Atsumi was a donor of this light. We can see his name.