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I visited at Fukagawa in Tokyo to go to some temples and shrine. This temple, Shusse Fudo (Āryācalanātha for the success in life), was originally built in the early Edo period when the Tokugawa Shogunate started the reclamation work of this riverside area. The work was going too slowly that they placed the Buddhist statue of Aryacalanatha (Fudo), then it became to go well. After that, this Fudo was called “Shusse” (getting ahead in the world) Fudo. Now the main hall was the reinforced concrete building. The side of the front door, I watched the relief of the Fudo.

Shusse Fudo-son at Fukagawa

relief of Fudo

Shusse Fudo

Main hall of Shusse Fudo at Fukagawa