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I went to the Gotoh museum at Kaminoge, Setagaya in Tokyo. It is famous that it was built by the first president of Tokyu train company, billionaire Keita Gotoh. They have National Treasure “The picture scroll fo the Tale of Genji” in 10century. In the garden, there are many Buddha’s stone statues and tea ceremony house in the woods. As same as this museum, there are another billionaire museums in Tokyo. Nezu museum at Aoyama in Tokyo was made by the Tobu train company’s president Kaichiro Nezu. Nezu and Gotoh, both museums’ gardens are similar tastes. It is prohibited to take a picture inside the museum, so today’s photos are only garden.

Gotoh Museum

Goth Museum’s garden

Gotoh museum

Stone Buddhas at the garden

Gotoh museum's garden

Gotoh museum's garden

There is an old gate at the garden. It was relocated from the temple.

Goto museum's big tree