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Last week, it started rainy season in Tokyo area. Meteorological Office announced the start of the rainy season, nevertheless it has been sunny. Today is hot and sunny like summer, too. So I went to walk around Ueno park in Tokyo. There are zoo, National Museum and other some museums. Today I found the big face of Buddha that used to be the big statue of Buddha in Edo period. unfortunately it was burned and destroyed its body for the Great Kanto earthquake of 1923. Now the face was seated in the Ueno park.

Ueno park's woods and bell

Ueno park’s woods and bell

Ueno Daibutsu (face)

Ueno Daibutsu (face)

Ueno Daibutsu

Ueno Daibutsu: 1631 Lord Hori made Syaka by clay. 1655-1660, monk made bronze statue of Buddha. 1841, it was burned but 1843 new one was made. In 1923, Great Kando earthquake destroyed the statue.

Ueno Daibutsu's pagoda

Ueno Daibutsu’s pagoda

Stone image of Jizo at Ueno Park

Stone image of Jizo

Hanazono Inari shrine

Hanazono Inari shrine

Shinobazu pond

Shinobazu pond. May lotus are covering the pond.

Shitamachi museum

It is Shitamachi Huzoku Shiryokan (Shitamachi museum) beside the pond.

maneki neko

This is a beconing cat (Maneki neko) figure.

cat at Ueno park

There is a big cat at the step near the pond. There are many people who is performing a song, listening, sleeping and eating lunch. This cat is familiar with people.

cat at Ueno park

I guess she usually sleep in the middst of the people in the park. She isn’t fear of us.

cat at the Ueno park

She is still sleeping.