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Gojyunotou and Sarusawanoike

5-stories pagoda of Kofukuji temple and Sarusawa-no-ike pond

Sarusawa pond's 7 wonders

This pond Sarusawa-no-ike is mysterious and there are 7 wonders. 1. Water never becomes clear. 2. But it doesn’t get muddy. 3. The water doesn’t enter nor go out of the pond. 4. Any frog was seen. 5. Algae don’t grow. 6. Fish is 70%. 7. Water is 30%. (Every year, Kofukuji temple’s priests release fish in it, but percent of fish is as same as past years.)

Sarusawanoike pond and Uneme

In Nara period, one Uneme, maid-in-waiting for the emperor, lost the emperor’s love. She abandoned herself to grief, and desided to kill herself in the pond.

Uneme shrine

Uneme shrine for consolation of dead Uneme.

manhole cover of Nara

manhole cover of Nara, deer and cherry blossoms

Syoku Ou Fuu no Hi

Nara Magistrate Toshiakira Kawaji (positioned in 1846-1851) ordered to plant thounsands of cherry trees and maple trees around Todaiji and Kofukuji temple. This monument was built for the protection of Nara park and nature. Kawaji is one of my favorite historical men. He negotiated as the commissioner of foreign affairs of Tokugawa gpvernment between Russian Putjatin in 1853. When the end of the Tokugawa government, Kawaji was killed by himself in 1868.

Syoku Ou Fuu no Hi

—”Syoku Ou Fuu no Hi” (Monument for planting cherry trees and maple trees)