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I visited to Todaiji temple in Nara park. There are many big Buddhist statues. The most famous is Rushanabutsu (Daibutsu) in Daibutuden hall.

Daibutsu of Todaiji temple

Daibutsu. National Treasure. Made in 752 by the order of the emperor Shomu. It was burned for some times and repaired. Height: 14.98 m (49.1 ft), Face: 5.33 m (17.5 ft), Eyes: 1.02 m (3.3 ft) Nose: 0.5 m (1.6 ft), Ears: 2.54 m (8.3 ft). The statue weight is 500 tonnes (550 short tons).

Nandaimon gate

Gate of Nandaimon. First gate was built in Tenpyo period of 8C, but destroyed by typhoon in 962. Now it was reconstructed in 1199 by priest Chogen. National Treasure. 18 piles are 21 meters height, and the gate height is 25.43 meters. It is the biggest Sanmon gate in Japan.

Statue of Kongo Rikishi, Todaiji temple

Nio of un at Nanaimon gate. This gate’s Nio statues are 8.4 meters, and made from wood. They are National Treasure.

Nio of A at Nandaimon gate

Nio of A at Nandaimon gate. It made by Unkei and Kaikei in Kamakura period (13C).

Nio of Un of Nandaimon gate

Nio of Un (Deva) at Nandaimon gate by Jyokaku and Tankei in Kamakura period.

Kagami ike of Todaiji

Kagami ike pond

Todaiji banner

Hoenix mark

Chumon gate

Chumon gate was rebuilt in 1716.

Cloister of TOdaiji

cloister of Todaiji

Chumon gate of Todaiji

Chumon gate

Daibutsuden hall

Daibutsuden hall (Kondo) . National treasure. The first was built in 752 by the Emperor Shomu, but 2 times it was fired and destroyed. This was built in 1709. Height is 46.8 meters.

Daibutsuden hall

Daibutsuden hall

flowers are ready for the Buddha's birthday

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Todaiji's Daibutsu


Daibutsu of Nara

Daibutsu. It changes the expression depending on the angle from which it is viewed.

Daibutsu of Todaiji


Kokuzou Bosatsu

Kokuzou Bosatsu in 1752

Komokuten of 4 Devas

Komokuten of 4 Devas. Tamonten is as big wooden statue as Komokuten.

Tamonten of 4 Devas

Tamonten of 4 Devas

Big wooden Nyoirin Kannon statue in 1738.  It stands beside Daibutsu.

Big wooden Nyoirin Kannon statue in 1738. It stands beside Daibutsu.

flower in Todaiji

Todaiji's cherry trees

Cloister’s cherry blossoms

eaves of Todaiji templel

Eaves of Todaiji

Lantern of Todaiji temple

National Treasure, Lantern