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I went to Nara after Kyoto. Nara is one of the old capitals in Japan. This temple Shin Yakushiji was made in 747 by Empress Komyo in order to pray for the recovery of the Emperor Shomu. The temple’s name “Shin” means “new” in Japanese. In Nara, there is a temple named “Yakushiji”, so many people confused Shin Yakushiji is newer than Yakushiji temple. In fact, Shin Yakushiji is older than Yakushiji. There are Yakushi Nyorai (8th century) and 12 Juni Shinsho statues (8th century, National Treasure) in the main hall. Juni Shinsho is a group of 12 generals that guard Yakushi Nyorai Buddha. They arrange around Yakushi Nyorai.

Shin Yakushiji temple in Nara period.  It is a National Treasure.

Shin Yakushiji temple’s main hall.

Shin Yakushiji temple

I was able to see cherry blossoms in this temple, too.

Shin Yakushiji temple

Shin Yakushiji temple

Shin Yakushiji temple

main hall

Shin Yakushiji temple

stone Buddhas in Shin-Yakushiji temple

stone Buddhas

Shinyakusiji temple

Shinyakusiji temple

Shrine of Tochinohimemiko

Shrine for Princess Touchi whose father was Emperor Oama, mother was famous poet Nukatano Ookimi.


temple Fukuin

narrow road in Nara

narrow road from Shin Yakushi ji temple

Nara's pole is deer

The pole’s drawing are deers.

Deer in Nara

Suddenly a deer leaps out!

deer in Nara

When I said “Hello”, a deer stopped and watched me.

Deer sign in Nara

Sign of “‘Take care of the deer’s leaping out to the road”