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There are some old Shinto shrine and aristocrat residence in Kyoto Gyoen.

Munakata shrine in Kyogo gyoen

Munakata shrine. In 795, Fujiwara no Fuyutsugu made it by the order of Emperor Kanmu in his residence. Emperor Seiwa was born this place (Seiwa’s mother Akiko was a grand daughter of Fuyutsugu.)

Munakata shrine

Munakata shrine’s priests

Munakata shrine

Hanei Inari shrine

Hanei Inari (prosperity Inari shrine), the other name is Myobu Inari. This shrine was built by Fujiwara no Mototsune who was an aristocrat statesman (836-891). When he was young, he helped a fox hitting by some kids. Afther that, a fox appeared in his dream and told “if you give me a house, I would protect you from fire and other misfortune.”, so he made it.


Prince Kaninnomiya's house

Prince Kaniinnomiya’s residence. It is the only one perfect aristocrat residence of Edo period in Kyoto Gyoen. This family line failed in 1988.

Prince Kaninnomiya's house

Prince Kaninnomiya’s garden. Originally pond was three times larger than now.

Prince Kaninnomiya's house in Kyoto Gyoen

Prince Kaninnomiya’s house