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There are famous five lakes around Mt. Fuji in Yamanashi prefecture. Long long ago, the eruption of Mt. Fuji retained and made these lakes. Both Mt. Fuji and lakes are wonderful combination scenery. This lake is Shojiko, the smallest of five. Originally Lake Shojiko and Lake Saiko used to be one lake, but the eruption of 864 A.D. separated them between Lake Saiko and Lake Shojiko. There is Mt. Omuro in front of Mt. Fuji, so this Mt. Fuji’s figure is called “Kodaki Fuji” (Holding baby Fuji).

Mt. Fuji at Lake Shojiko with Mt. Omuro

Mt. Fuji at Lake Shojiko with Mt. Omuro

manhole's cap at Lake Shojiko

manhole’s cap at Lake Shojiko. It is a horned owl.

Japanese woman poet Akiko Yosano's poem at lake Shojiko

Japanese woman poet Akiko Yosano’s poem at Lake Shojiko