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Today March 3rd is “Hina matsuri” that is the Girl’s Day Festival, and we display dolls of the emperor and empress, and more other dolls. The other name is “Momo no Sekku” that means peach flowers seasonal festival. I display many dolls and peach flowers in my home.

Dolls festival

The empress (mebina)

Dolls festival

The emperor (obina)

Kimekomi doll

Doll of “Girl” from “the Tale of Genji”

Japanese doll

My grandmother bought it for me. The crane is setting on the right hand.

dolls festival

prince and princess

Dolls festival

My sister made them when she was 9-year-old. the Emperor and the Empress (top), three court ladies (2nd), Five court musician (bottom)

dolls festival

Doll’s picture