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This trip, my main purpose of this journey to visit to 6 national treasures of 11-face-Kannon in Kyoto, Nara and Osaka. This temple is Shorinji-temple in Nara. This temple’s 11-face-Kannon used to be Mt. Miwa’s statue that was originally mixed with Shinto shrine and Buddhist temple. After the destruction due to Haibutsu-kishaku (a movement to abolish Buddhism) in Meiji period (1867-), many Buddhist’s temple, statue, and goods were destroyed. This Kannon was barely escaped from obliteration. In Japanese temple, they prohibit to take a picture of statues and drawings. I cannot take a photo of this Kannon, so please go to this temple’s web site.

main hall of Shorinji temple

maih hall of Shorinji temple

Shorinji temple

temple bell and white blossom

Shorinji temple

Front of main hall


Shorinji-temple “聖林寺”