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The opposite of Anyouin temple is Jyogyoji temple (built in 1313) that is famous for the protection against cancer and sick. When I visited, many people came to pray. The sculpture of the dragon was built by Jingoro Hidari who made a sleeping cat sculpture of Yomei gate at Nikko Toshogu shrine. After returning to the JR Kamakura station, I rode Enoden train to Hase station. The 4th temple of 33 kannon is Hasedera temple. Hasedera’s Kannon statue was originally made from one huge tree. It is the same name Hasedera temple in Nara prefecture, and its Kannon statue was built from the same tree. Then people floated one of two Kannon statues to the ocean, it reached to Kamakura in 15 years, and stayed at this temple. It is big wooden statue (9.18m). unfortunately I can’t show you this statue, because most of Buddhist statues in the hall are prohibited to take a picture in Japan. If you visit at Kamakura, Hase Kannon and Kamakura Daibutsu are too good to pass up.