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I went back to Kamakura from Zushi by JR train, and walked to 3rd temple Anyouin. There are many temples at Kamakura city. I was able to visit many temples on the way to Anyouin. Hongakuji temple is Nichiren sect that has a piece of bone of Priest Nichiren. Next I stopped the Yakumo Shrine that was the oldest shrine against bad luck (Yakuyoke), and it was built by a samurai Saburo Yosimitsu Shinra (=Yoshimitsu Minamoto, 1045-1127) who was a brother of Taro Yoshiie Hachiman. There is a big stones that was called “Yoshimitsu’s juggling stone”. And then, I dropped at the Jyoeiji temple that called “Botamochi temple” which means the temple of bean cake, because a nun brought some botamochi to the priest Nichiren who was exiled from Kamakura.

Finally I stopped at the 3rd temple of 33 Kannon, Anyouin temple. This temple’s history was complicated that the general Yoritomo Minamoto’s wife Masako Hojyo had built Chorakuji temple for praying for the repose of Yoritomo in 1225. It had been burned in 1333, and unified with Zendouji temple, then changed the name as Anyouin. This temple’s kannon was placed at Tashiro temple, so it was called Tashiro Kannon. They have a stone Hokyoin-to pagoda (in 1308) that is an important cultural property.