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I started to visit 33 Kannon (Goddess of Mercy) in Kanto area of Japan. We call this pilgrimage “Bando Sanjyusankasyo”. The first temple is Sugimoto-dera temple at Kamakura in Kanagawa prefecture. It was built by monk Gyoki in 734, the oldest temple at Kamakura. They have many statues, especially three Kannon statues are famous. Monk Gyoki, Jikaku and Eshin made them which are hidden. One is covered its face by the mask. It is a legend that people riding horse always fell off his horse in front of the temple’s gate, so the monk Daikaku-zenji covered the statue’s face. After that people wasn’t fall. I guess this Kannon statue dislike people’s insolence. Other legend is that the temple suffered from a fire, Kannon states escaped out of the burning temple to the shade under the cedar trees by themselves.