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At the Shibuya station, there is a statue of dog that is the most famous dog in Japan. His name is Hachi, we call him “Hachiko”. Hachi was born in Akita prefecture in 1923, and became a member of Dr. Ueno’s family in Shibuya. Dr. Ueno loved Hachi very much, and every day Hachi went to the Shibuya station in order to meet Dr. Ueno coming back when it was the time to his come back. Sadly Dr. Ueno died suddenly at his university in 1925, but Hachi didn’t know about it and waited for him as usual. After that, Hachi was waiting for him at the Shibuya station. He had been waiting for him who went away for good for about 10 years. Finally Hachi was dead near the Shibuya station in March 8th 1935. His story was reported at the newspaper, and he became very famous in Japan. In 1934, his bronze statue appeared. Hachi himself took part in this dedication ceremony. Now there is a monument at Dr. Ueno’s grave in Aoyama cemetery of Tokyo.