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Goutokuji/Gotokuji temple is the famous as the beckoning cat (Maneko-neko). The legend said that Naotaka Ii who was the feudal lord of Hikone in Shiga passed in front of the gate of this temple in 1633. He noticed a white cat was beckoning as raising his right paw, so he came into the temple. Soon, the thunder storm hit, but Naotaka and his fellow didn’t get wet to escape into the temple. although this temple was mean, the priest was so virtuous that Naotaka was glad to hear about the Buddhist sermon from the priest, and he decided to make this temple for his family’s temple. After that, a white cat’s figure became a beckoning cat (Maneki neko) in order to get the fortune and happiness. Now there are many Maneki-neko figure in this town and temple.