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This September, I went to Mt. Akagi in Gunma prefecture. Mt. Akagi erupted until 45 thousand years ago, and it consists of 8 mountains (Kurobisan 1828m, Komagatake 1685m, Jizodake 1674m, Choshichirosan 1579m, Kojizodake 1574m, Nabewariyama 1332m, Arayama 1572m and Suzukadake 1565m). I drove at a crater lake Konuma (small pond), but it was tough for my car to rise up 100 steep slopes. I noticed there were many cyclists went up the slope, and there was a plate that said Mt. Akagi hill climb for bicycle would be hold on September 30th. After last years hill climb rally, many cyclists challenged to climb. The rally is about 20km and height is 1313m. My car is out of breath this mountain! They ride bicycles!!