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The great names in literature had come to Kinosaki, for example, novelist Naoya Shiga, Musashi’s master priest Takuan, Novelist and poet Toson Shimazaki, poet Tekkan and Akiko Yosano, novelist Takeo Arishima, Soho Tokutomi, Roka Tokutomi, Kyoka Izumi, Ryotaro Shiba, poet Isamu Yoshii, Seishi Yamaguchi, Mokichi Saito, Kyorai Mukai, folklorist Kunio Yanagida and so on. Shiga loved here and had visited more than 10 times in his life. He said the reason why he liked Kinosaki because hot spring is clean and good for medical care, and mountains green is beautiful. I can eat tasty fish from Japan Sea every meal, and then it is plleasure for me. Moreover people’s heart is warm and wooden buildings keeps in harmoney well. After his injured by the train accident, Shiga visited Kinosaki and wrote a short story about the life and death, “At Kinosaki”. It is very famous that is appeared in the school Japanese textbook. So Kinosaki became more famous in Japan.