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Amanohashidate of Miyazu city in Kyoto is one of the three most scenic spots of Japan (the other is Miyajima and Matsushima). It is miracle to build this 3.6km’s long sandbar by the Miyazu bay’s wave and Nodagawa river’s sand during an excessive amount of time. From Kasamatsu park, you can watch the great view of Amanohasidate separating Miyazu bay and Aso-kai inlamd sea. Originally Amanohashidate might be only sand beach, but now there are about 7,000 to 8,000 pine trees in width from 20m to 170m. The ledgend said that the ladder, used by Izanagi no Mikoto (the God who made islands of Japan) to ascend to the heavens, collapsed and became Amanohashidate. From Kasamatsu Koen Park, Amanohashidate looks like ‘Naname Ichimonji’ (a slanting Chinese character of “一” (ichi, literally, one)). You get on a platform for Mata-nozoki at the observatories in the places above, turn their back to Amanohashidate, and bend down and look from between their legs (mata-nozoki), you can watch Amanohashidate like a dragon or a ladder to fly to the Heaven.

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