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I went to the Tatebayashi city in Gunma prefecture. It is one of a lot of typical provincial small town in Japan, there are parks, temples, shopping arcade and vegetable & rice fields. In spring, many tourists visit to see old big azaleas (I visited on May. A few days ago, NHK TV news had broadcasted the Tatebayashi’s lotus ship, and many people went there.

Tatebayashi castle

In Edo period, there used to be Honmaru (donjon) of Tatebayashi castle. Now it is only the field.

Tatebayashi castle's remains

Tatebayashi castle’s remains. It is difficult to imagine the castle build.

Hachimanguu shrine at Tatebayashi

Hachimanguu, Shrine of the God of War at ex Tatebayashi castle in Edo period

Hachimanguu's stone‐carved guardian dog's parent and child, Tatebayashi

Hachimanguu’s Komainu, stone‐carved guardian dog’s parent and child

mossy stone Komainu

Mossy stone Komainu with ball

Tatebayashi castle's ower, Tsunayoshi Tokugawa's comic foreground

Tatebayashi castle’s ower, Tsunayoshi Tokugawa’s comic foreground. Tsunayoshi became the 5th Tokugawa Shogun later on. He was famous as protecting animals, especially dog, so he was called “dog shogun” (Inu Kubou).


I found the cute squirrel statue on the guideposts.

fox statue, Tatebayashi

Fox statue on the signpost


In the ex Tatebayashi castle, there is a Chiaki Mukai Memorical Science and Technology Museum for Children. Chiaki Mukai is the first female Japanese astronaut, who was from Tatebayashi.