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Around ten years ago, Vermeer has become very popular in Japan. I watched the TV show’s questionnaire says the best favorite painting is Vermeer’s “Girl with a pearl earing” a few years ago. This summer, there are two Vermeer’s masterpieces in Ueno, Tokyo, one is that “Girl with a pearl earing” at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, the other is “Woman with a Pearl Necklace” at The National Museum of Western Art. Addition them, one other unique exhibition has been holding at Ginza, “Meet the master of light: Vermeer Centrum Ginza”. There are all of 37 Vermeer’s works, but they are not real, RE-CREATE them. They explain they are reproducing full-scaled and same color for his age. Therefore they are copy, we can take a photo. There are 37 pictures including two private collections and one stolen. I guess it is a good idea in order to be found of Vermeer. (These photos are part of originals.)