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At Senjyu town (now is Minami-Senjyu), there is Susanoo jinjya shrine (Tennoosya) near the Minami-Senjyu JR station. Susanoo is the Japanese God who is a son of God Izanaki and Goddess Izanami, and little brother of Amaterasu-Oomikami (Sun Goddess, she is an ancestor of Japanese imperial family in Japanese legend). At the night of 8th April in 795, Kokuchin who was a disciple of Enno-Ozunu (Master of Shugendou; Japanese mountain asceticism-shamanism) found the light in the stone, and God Susanoo and God Asuka came into existence. They said him, “If you enshrined us here, we could flourish this place without disease.” Then he soon built shrine for them, it was said that was origin for this shrine.