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In Ayutthaya, we was able to watch many elephants in the town. They were riding tourists on their back. My guide said they have to earn to live (they eat too much a day) by themselves, so they came to Ayutthaya from their distant hometown everyday, of course, on foot. I rode the elephant taxi for tourists. I was afraid a little because the height of his back was about 2 meter and shook right and left, but it was FUN! When the other elephant driver and elephant came and took us a photo with my camera, his elephant’s long nose stretched toward my hand to pester a tip. I puzzled to give him because I only had some hard cash, but his master said “It’s OK. It’s OK. Give him!”. But I was still in doubt it was alright for the elephant to catch the paper bill by his nose, suddenly his clever nose touched my hand, and his deep breath inhaled some coins easily. Then he gave them to his boss. How wonderful! His breath was so warm that I realized he was really living.