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Yanagawa is a famous for their 470km of wide canals of town, located Fukuoka prefecture in Kyusyu of West Japan. I love the short novel “Haishi”(on obsolete and dead town) by Takehiko Fukunaga and its movie by Nobuhiko Obayashi director. The story is love triangle tragedy (correctly 3 women and one man love) located in the old town. The canals and boat is a romantic and nostalgic effects in the film. They didn’t say clearly its town was Yanagawa, but the reader or audience could notice it was Yanagawa by the picture of canal. In 17 century, Lord Yoshimasa Tanaka constructed the town and canal, after that people in this town usually used riverboats, now tourists can enjoy ride in a boat, called “donkobune”, like Venice. Meiji period famous poet Hakusyu Kitahara was born in Yanagawa, now there is his house as his memorial hall.