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Near the Unzen hot spring resort (20 minutes by car, 14km), there is another hot spring Obama faced toward Tachibana bay. This city is as same name as US president Barack Hussein Obama, therefore they supported Obama at the presidential election. I can find the statue of Obama at the main street. (He is smiling!) This hot spring is very old, and ran in “Hizen Fudoki” (the records of the culture and geography of Hizen province) in 713. They have the hottest springs in Japan, with the 30 springs producing over 15,000 tons of water per day that can reach temperatures as high as 105°C. In the park, there is the 105 meter long foot spa “Asiyu” which is the longest “Asiyu” in Japan. I tried, it is very hot and fairly comfortable to see the blue ocean in front of it. After that, I took photos of jacaranda. My friend who lives in LA usually told that jacaranda is as purple cherry blossoms, so I wanted to watch these blossoms and got some young plants. Although this tree is native to tropical and subtropical regions, Tokyo is too cold to grow them, and my jacarandas have not blossomed for five years. This Obama planted jacaranda 30 years ago. Now this city has been holding the jacaranda festival during June. I guess its temperature is warmer than Tokyo, and they have hot springs, and its soil may be warmer than other areas, so jacaranda can blossom this city.

Obama hot spring (English)