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The second night of my Nagasaki trip, I stayed at Unzen hot spring where became the first semi-national park for hot spring in Japan. This history was very old, monk Gyoki found in 701 and the first resort hotel was built about 350 year ago. In the modern period, Meiji and Taisho, a lot of foreigner visited, novelist Pearl Sydenstricker Buck, Helen Keller, Tagore, chiang kai-shek and so on. This area’s hotels have bathes that utilizes hot-spring water, of course. Surprisingly this hot spring is so great that my mother’s dishpan-hands got well! It is located at 700-meter-elevation, so it is only 21.7C in the summer. It is good to play golf and tennis. It is famous that the Unzen golf course opened in 1913 and was the oldest public golf corse in Japan. unfortunately I didn’t have a time to play golf, I walked around the hell. It is not metaphor, Unzen has a place called “Jigoku” (hell) in the hot spring zone. Walking around about 30 minutes, it is said “pilgrimage to the hell”. In front of the hotel, there were rock field, fumarole of gas (its temperature is 120 degree) and smelling sulfur. Addition that, priests and early Japanese Christianity were martyred at this hell from 1627 to 1632. In the midst of the hill, I could find the monument of the cross for them.

Unzen hot spring (English)