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My purpose to visit Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki was “One million roses festival”, but it was little bit late for blossom. Instead of that, I really enjoyed the illumination of the night garden, street’s hydrangea and other colorful summer flowers.

hydrangea, Huis Ten Bosch hotel's lobby

Hydrangea at hotel’s lobby

courtyard, Huis Ten Bosch

Courtyard’s rose

hanging basket

Hanging basket of summer flower

rose and swan

Rose and Swan

rose, Huis Ten Bosch

Red Rose

Huis Ten Bosch rose festival

If I went to the full blossom’s season, I could see these view of rose garden.

hydrangea, Huis Ten Bosch

Rainy season’s flower, Hydrangea

hydrangea, Huis Ten Bosch


blue hydrangea, Huis Ten Bosch

Blue hydrangea

pink hydrangea, Huis Ten Bosch

Pink hydrangea

Huis Ten Bosch's summer flower and canal

Huis Ten Bosch’s summer flower and canal

lily at Huis Ten Bosch


Summer flower

Summer flower, Huis Ten Bosch

Summer flower, Huis Ten Bosch

summer flowers

Huis Ten Bosch


hydrangea on the street, Huis Ten Bosch

Huis Ten Bosch's summer flower and canal

Huis Ten Bosch's rose

Huis Ten Bosch's summer flower

Huis Ten Bosch's white rose

Huis Ten Bosch's flower

Huis Ten Bosch's flower

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