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It was very nice day for walking today. I went to Hibiya park near Hibiya subway station or Yurakucho JR station. Yesterday I heard Ex Japanese prime minister Yasuhiro Nakasone gave his white roses which had been growing at his cottage where Mr. Nakasone and American president Ronald Reagan had met, so it reminded me there is a beautiful rose garden at Hibiya park. Though they held something drinking-beer event at the park today, I couldn’t watch enough roses. (I can’t imagine why alcohol drinking event was held at the public park where children come.) After all, I was not able to find Nakasone’s white new rose.

Hibiya park

Left side’s stone wall was used be Edo castle’s wall at Hibiya park.

Stone wall at Hibiya park

Edo period stone wall at Hibiya park

Hibiya park

Hibiya park. 161,636m2 area. There are library, town hall, open-air auditorium and tennis court.

Hibiya park's flowre garden

Flower garden. In 1905, the city riot fired the building against Treaty of Portsmouth for Russo-Japanese War here (Hibiya Incendiary Incident).

Rose Frohsinn '82

Rose, Frohsinn ’82

Rose Laura

Rose, Laura

Hibiya's flower garden

Beautiful flowers

rose Pink panther

Rose, Pink panther

Roses at Hibiya

Some roses are withering for today’s heat.

rose super star

Rose, Super star

Roses at Hibiya park

Red roses at Hibiya


Yucca filamentosa (Itoran)

rose Yuzen

Rose Yuzen

Hibiya park

Wonderful day!

Roses at Hibiya park

Yellow roses

Rose Giffe

Rose Giffe

Hibiya park

Bear at Hibiya park

Rose Aprikola

Rose Aprikola

rose at Hibiya park

Rose at Hibiya park

Close to the Hibiya park, there is the Imperial Hotel (Teikoku Hotel) over the street. It is a good place to have a tea.
Imperial Hotel

Imperial Hotel

There was a small square on the way to Yurakucho station. Look, here, Godzilla!
Godzilla at Hibiya


Godzilla at Hibiya


Godzilla's foot

Godzilla’s foot


In fact, he is not so huge, but elaborate.

Godzilla at Hibiya

Side of Godzilla

In this plaza, there are many Japanese movie stars’ autographs & handprints like a Chinese theater in L.A.
Toshiro Mifune's hand-print

Toshiro Mifune was a famous actor for “Rasyomon”, “Seven Samurai”, “Yojimbo” and “Red beard” (Director Akira Kurosawa).

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