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At Ryogoku, Ekoin temple was built for mourning after the calamity of Meiwa conflagration (100,000 casualties and half of Edo burned) by order of 4th Syogun Ietsuna Tokugawa in 1657.

The gate of Ekoin temple, Ryogoku

The gate of Ekoin temple, Ryogoku


Former image of Ekoin at Ryogoku station

Megumi (fireman in the Edo period)

Megumi, Edo period fireman’s house at Ryogoku station

Megumi's paper lantern

Megumi’s lantern

From 1768 to 1909, Sumo tournament had been held at Ekoin temple until the construction of Ryogoku Kokugikan hall, so there is a stone monument (Chikaraduka) of rikishi (sumo wrestler) to pray for getting the power for young wrestler.

Ekoin's Chikaraduka

Chikaraduka (stone monument for sumo wrestlers)

I found the stone statue of Jizo which face was crumbling. It is said that worshipers have been given salt for Jizo after obtaining their wishes. For a long time, stone face has been dameged from the salt, so this Jizo is called “Salt Jizo” (Shio Jizo).

Shio Jizo at Ekoin

Shio Jizo

Face of Shio Jizo

Jizo’s face was damaged from salt. There are many salt on his foot.