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English architect Josiah Conder (1852~1920), who was an advisor of Meiji government, designed the Western style residence in 1917. He built a lot of Western style architecture in Japan and educated Japanese architects, therefore he called “the father of Japanese modern architecture”. At first, the Japanese politician/diplomat Munemitsu Mutsu had lived here and his son Jyunkichi had adopted Ichibei Furukawa, then the landlord became Furukawa family who orderd Conder to design their villa. So this is called “Kyu Furukawa-tei” (Ex Furukawa residence”). During WWII, Japanese army requisitioned, and it was said Chinese politician Wang Jingwei was lurking here. After the war, the UK embassy’s officer used, now it is one of the metropolitan parks.

There are French-Italian style garden on the hill and Japanese garden under the hill. It is about 10 minutes walk from Kami-Nakazato Station of the JR Keihin-Tōhoku Line, or about 15 minutes walk from Komagome station. You can use Nishigahara Station on the Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line, too (7 minutes walk). English guidance is here (PDF). They have 90 kinds of roses; Cleopatra, Madam Sachi, Masako, Diana Princess of Wales, Queen Elizabeth, Catherine Deneuve, Inca, Christian Dior, Princess Michiko, Hatsukoi, Blue moon and so on. They hold Rose festival (music concert and light-up) from May to June every year. I took these photos in May 22, 2010. I guess they may flower well this year.

Furukawa residence


rose at Furukawa garden

FUrukawa's garden

pink roses, Furukawa garden

orange rose, Furukawa garden

rose at Furukawa garden, Tokyo

Furukawa residence

purple rose

Red rose at Furukawa garden

white roses and terrace

Furukawa garden's rose

Red rose at Furukawa garden

Pink roses at Furukawa garden


Yellow roses at Furukawa garden

red rose

pink roses, Furukawa garden

Red roses, Furukawa garden

a large red bloom rose

white rose, Furukawa garden

red rose, Furukawa garden

Big stone lantern at Furukawa garden

Japanese garden at Furukawa garden

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