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Yoshiyasu Yanagisawa (1658-1714) had a powerful samurai as a close aide of the 5th Shogun, Tsunayoshi Tokugawa in Tokugawa Syogunate in Edo period, and finally he rode the next top position (Rojyu) of authority. (No.1 was Syogun.) This beautiful garden, built by Yoshiyasu in 1702, was one of the most excellent and famous Daimyo (feudal lord) gardens in Edo period. This garden is 87,809m2 area, and there are about 6,100 trees. In the first week of April, a lot of TV news broadcast this garden’s huge gorgeous cherry blossom. The end of April to May, many visitors enjoy colorful azalea. It is located near the Komagome JR station, but it is too quiet to image that it locates at the midst of Tokyo.

Rikugien garden, Tokyo

View of Rikugien garden

Rikugien garden, Taduru-bashi bridge, Tokyo

Taduru-bashi bridge

Rikugien's old tree

Old tree

Rikugien, Togetsukyo bridge

Stone bridge

Rikugien garden

Beautiful tree’s green


Big tree’s long shadow

Rikugien's azalea

Azalea (This photo took April 28 2012. It was little bit early for azalea season.)

Rikugien garden

Quiet pond

Azalea, Rikugien garden

Old azalea

Azalea, Rikugien garden

Azalea (close-up)

Rikugien, lantern

Pine tree and tall garden stone lantern

Rikugien, stone lantern

Big stone lantern

I found the trace of the last year’s earthquake in this garden. They used to have a small pine tree on the stone island called Horaijima in the Wakanoura pond, but the strong shaking of March 11th 2011 earthquake destroyed the island stone and the pine tree into the pond.

Rikugien garden

The view from Tamamonoiso in 2012 (center stone is Horaijima)

Horaijima, Rikugien 2009

Horaijima 2009, May 2

Horaijima, Rikugien garden

Pine tree was on the left side of Horaijima in 2009

Horaijima, Rikugien

Horaijima stone island in 2012. Earthquake destroyed the left side of this small island, and pine tree fell in the pond. Now they can’t see it in the island.

Rikugien garden

Shining water-mirror

Rikugien's tortoises

Swimming tortoises

RIkugien, Yukimi-toro (stone lantern)

Yukimi-toro (Watching-snow stone lantern)

Togetsu-kyo bridge

Togetsu-kyo bridge (This is named from famous Kyoto’s bridge in Arashiyama.)


Sakura manjyu and sakura tea (Cherry blossom Japanese-style bun stuffed with azuki-bean paste & Cherry blossom tea)

Rikugien, Azalea







The view from Fujishiro-toge, top is specially called Fujimi-yama (hill of watching Mt.Fuji), 35m high.

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