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The University of Tokyo has Koishikawa Botanical Gardens in Koichikawa, Tokyo. It is the oldest botanical garden (based Koishikawa Medicinal Herb Garden, established in 1684) by Tokugawa Shogunate. 6th Syogun Yoshimune Tokugawa ordered to build a rest home “Koishikawa Ryoyojyo” for poor people. Even now this clinic is very famous, because we often see and read it on the novels, films and samurai dramas on TV. Historical novelist Syugoro Yamamoto wrote it in “Akahige Sinryojyo” (Lit. “Red-beard’s clinic”), and film director Akira Kurosawa made a wonderful impressive movie “Akahige” (Red Beard) staring Tosiro Mifune. In the famous TV samurai drama “Ooka Echizen”, a story of the magistrate of Edo (former name of Tokyo), hero’s friend was a doctor of this clinic. In the garden, there is an old will that was used by real clinic’s people in Edo, moreover refugee drank this water when Great Kanto earthquake (M7.9, about 100,000 deaths) happened in 1923. The area is 161,588m2 including 5th Syogun Tsunayosi Tokugawa’s garden, so there is a traditional Japanese garden which was based Tokugawa era. Intriguingly, they have multiplying Newton’s apple tree and Mendel’s grape tree. The first week of May is best for azalea.

Azalea at Koishikawa botanical garden
Azalea at Koishikawa botanical garden
Koishikawa botanical garden's tree

Koishikawa botanical garden
Japanese garden at Koishikawa botanical garden
Koishikawa botanical garden

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