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Yesterday was really nice day to go out, I went to Gunma prefecture by car, and visited Tsutsujigaoka Koen (Tsutsujigaoka Park) in Tatebayashi city. This park is very old, which name was already known in 1556. There are about 10,000 azaleas in the 12.6ha areas. In 17C, samurai domain lords of Tatebayashi made this area as a garden, and protected these azaleas. Some of them are more than 800 years old. I was very surprised that some were taller than me. The biggest, called “Kononaishi iai no tsutsuji” (Cherished by Ko court lady, wife of Yoshisada Nitta) is over 5 meter high, 11 meter width. We had to duck our heads and went through under the azalea’s branches. The staff person said with a sad air that May 1st was at their best, but it had been raining! I saw most petals dropped on the ground… Many visitors were also disappointed. Anyway, a glider in the sky, red azaleas on the hill, many boats in the river, playing children at the lawn, it was a wonderful holiday.

Tatebayashi's azalea garden

Some were still blooming.

azalea, tsutsuji at Tatebayashi azalea gaarden

Big azaleas on the slope

azalea, tsutsuji

Beautiful azalea

Katai Tayama's monument

Meiji period’s Novelist Katai Tayama’s monument. Tatebayashi is his hometown. His memorial hall is near the park.

Tatebayashi's Tsutsujigaoka park

People enjoying at the park

Ryukyu tsutsuji, azalea

Ryukyu tsutsuji (azalea)



Tsutsujigaoka of Tatebayashi

Many boats at the park’s river

glider in the sky

Glider in the sky

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