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After the cherry blossom’s season, the next flower of best viewing in Tokyo may be azalea (Tsutsuji or Satsuki). Nezu shrine is very old, established about 1,900 years ago by Yamato Takeru-no mikoto (the son of 12th Emperor Keiko). The main pavilion was built in 1706 by the 5th Shogun Tsunayoshi Tokugawa. There are 3,000 azaleas in the garden. Though I had visited two times, I couldn’t see at their best. Between the middle of April to the first week of May is the excellent time. But this year’s winter was so long and cold, many other flowers tended to be late for blossom. In spite of that, this shrine’s azalea was as same as last year. In this week, it was not the finest time. Please imagine that the hill of azalea was changed their color pink or red at the best time.

Nezu shrine's gate

Nezu shrine’s gate

Nezu shrine's gate

Nezu shrine’s gate (Ro-mon)

Nezu shrine's pavilion (Haiden)

Nezu shrine’s pavilion (Haiden)

Nezu shrine's pavilion (Haiden

Nezu shrine’s Haiden, the biggest shrine architecture of Edo

Nezu shrine's Komainu

Nezu shrine’s Komainu (stone guardian dog)

Nezu shrine's azalea garden

Nezu shrine’s azalea garden


Azarea (tsutsuji)

Buddha's statues

Buddha’s statues

Stone garding fox

Stone garding fox

Komagome Inari Shrine's stone fox

Komagome Inari Shrine’s stone fox (inari)

Komagome Inari Shrine's stone fox

Stone fox (Fox is a servant of Inari deity)


Omikuji (random fortunes written paper)

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