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Takizakura is one of the three big cherry trees in Japan. Takizakura means the cherry blossoming like a waterfall. It is over 1,000 years old. It is giant, 12m high, the trunk circumference is 9.5m, the east-west spread is 22m, and the north-south spread is 18m. In Edo period (19 century), the lord of Miharu orderd to conserve this tree. Now most of people visite in Miharu by car. I didn’t like long-distance driving, so went by Shinkansen super express and JR line and the city bus from Miharu station. It was a one way trip from Tokyo to Fukushima. Now Fukusima is very famous name for the nuclear accident in the world. I feel so sorry that Fukushima was well known for a very beautiful and good place where has a lot of nature and fruits farms, and historical places. This trip was in the spring 2010. I heard the news that Takizakura tree blossoms well this year. Nature is as same as before Tohoku earthquake and tsunami of March 11 2011. I want to visit to Fukushima again.

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