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Byodoin is near the Uji river in the south of Kyoto. It was built by Yorimichi Fujiwara, who was the chief adviser to the Emperor, in 1052. At that time, people believed that the Buddhism would have lost its strength and then good moral in the world would have declined, therefore they hoped to rebirth Paradise post obitum by praying Amitabha Buddha. Yorimichi also built a magnificent Phoenix Hall and statue of Amitabha Buddha. Inside the Phoenix Hall, there are 52 wooden Worshiping Bodhisattvas on clouds. They are dancing or playing a flute, dram, harp and so on. I love these Bodhisattvas. You can watch them in the new Byodoin Museum Hoshokan. This temple’s garden is very famous for the typical Jyodo style garden, which represented the Paradise. Amitabha Hall is reflected on the water of the pond … I agree that it is Paradise.

Byodoin, Uji

Phoenix Hall


Byodoin, Uji

Byodoin, Uji

Bodhisattva - my sketch

Bodhisattva - my sketch2