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It was good to walk around to watch cherry blossoms (sakura) at the first week of April in Tokyo. At first, I started at Sendagaya JR station to go to Shinjyuku-gyoen (5 min walking), which used be Naito’s residence (Tokugawa’s subordinate warrior), and became an Emperor’s garden in 1906. After the world war II, it opened the public park in 1949. It is 58.3ha wide. In the Shinjyuku downtown, it is nice to relax and enjoy watching trees and flowers.

Sinjyuku gyoen's cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms at Shinjyuku-gyoen garden

Cherry blossms at Shinjyuku gyoen

There are many kinds of trees in the Shinjyuku-gyoen garden

Return to the Sendagaya station, I rode Cyuo-line JR, and stopped at Iidabashi station. From the east gate of the station, walked in about 8 minutes, I reached at Koishikawa Korakuen garden. It was constructed in 1629 by Yorifusa and Mitsukuni Mito-Tokugawa (this family was one of the three relatives of Tokugawa syogun). It is a beautiful circuit style garden, where you can walk around a pond. Korakuen was named based on Chinese words: “Kou” means “after”, “raku” means “enjoy”, and “en” is “garden”. It expresses the lord of this garden have to enjoy after others pleasure. It advices the lord to think about his people and admonish by himself. There is a Tokyo Dome (Baseball Stadium) in front of the main pond. As for me, it is hateful for the large white dome’s roof like an egg for the view of the excellent garden.

Korakuen, Tokyo

Korakuen garden


Japanese rose (Yamabuki)

Japanese rose, yamabuki

Korakuen garden & lofty buildings

Next, I walked to Yasukuni shrine. There is a very famous cherry tree that is a standard of blooming in Tokyo’s cherry blossoms. When a few blossoms bloom in this tree, the Meteorological Office gets published. I felt that spring has come when I heard that news.

Yasukuni shrine's cherry blossoms

Yasukuni Shrine

Yasukuni Shrine's hall

Chidorigafuchi is next to the Yasukuni shrine. It is also famous for cherry blossom viwing in Tokyo.

Chidorigafuchi, cherry blossoms

Aroung Tokyo, fleurs de promenade de cerise
Aroung Tokyo, fiori della camminata di ciliegia
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