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Near the Uji river, there is an old shrine, Ujigami shrine in Kyoto, Japan. It is one of the National treasures of Japan. The main hall (Honden) was built in 1060(?). It is the oldest shrine building in Japan.

Ujigami shrine

Ujigami shrine

Stone dog guard, Komainu

Ujigami shrine

Honden (Main Hall)

main hall of Ujigami shrine

Haiden, made by Kamakura period, Kiridumayane-span roof & shitomi-shutter like aristocrat house, Nagare-dukuri style

Kiriharamizu is the last one of 7 springs at Uji. But it is prohibited to drink now.

Ujigami shrine


Uji bridge

Uji bridge, Uji river and cherry blossoms

Asagiri bridge, Uji

Asagiri bridge