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Onoji temple located at Uda city, Nara, which was said to build by Enno Ozunu in 681. There are some huge cherry blossoms in the small garden. When I arrived at Onoji, the sun was just sinking and this valley suddenly became dark. I couldn’t use my flash because there was no battery.

Onoji temple's Cherry blossoms

In addition to cherry trees, it is famous that a hillside stone-wall Bodhisattva’s figure (13c) opposite side of the river, which is 12meter high. Unfortunatelly this figure had been wearing by rain and wind. Now it is difficult to find it which is only something white. Japanese painter Kokei Kobayashi represented “Miroku” in 1933 that was this Bodhisattva. In his age, he might imagine to paint because figure’s situation was as same as now, nevertheless I love his painting.

Bodhisattva figure carved on a rock face at Onoji temple

Bodhisattva figure carved on a rock face at Onoji temple. It is difficult to find the figure now.

"Miroku" by Kokei Kobayashi

“Miroku” by Kokei Kobayashi 1933, Yamatane Musium