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matabe(i) cherry tree

Matabei cherry tree

I took Kintetsu line to Kashiwara station, and there was a special bus for Matabei cherry tree in the blossom season, then I walked from the bus stop to the Matabei cherry tree on the peaceful country field. In the field, there was a huge Matabei-zakura (Cherry blossom of Matabei). Matabei was a name of a samurai, Matabei Goto, who was a vassal of Hideyoshi Toyotomi in late 16 century. After the battle of siege of Osaka castle, it was said that he lived here and planned this tree. Actually this cherry tree is about 300-year-old. It located at the edge of stonewall, and its beautiful branches were hanging down. It became very famous all over Japan after the opening of the NHK’s national historical drama had broadcasted this wonderful figure.

The view of Uda

Matabei-zakura (Matabei cherry tree)

The view of Uda

The view of country field of Uda city in Nara prefecture

Cherry tree in the field of Uda

From bus stop, I walked and enjoyed watching pastoral view.

The view of Uda

There was an old tree beside a small shrine.

The view of Uda

Height 13 meter, trunk 3 meter

The view of Uda

Some boughs were hanging down.

The view of Uda

Peach trees and Matabei cherry tree.

The view of Uda

They can watch it from any direction.

Matabei cherry tree, Uda

Under the stonewall

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