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Five-story pagoda

Kofukuji's pagoda and Sarusawa pond

I recommend to go to see the five-sotry pagoda of Kofukuji temple at Sarusawa pond. 

In the pond, you can easily find some sleeping turtles on the stones. (They are so cute!)

Kofukuji's pogoda

Five-story pagoda is tall and beautiful (50.1m).

There is one of the most famous Buddhist statue in Jpana at Kofukuji temple.

The name of this is Asyura which has 6 hands and 3 faces. 
It seems like a young boy.


Himuro shrine in Nara

Near the Nara national museum, there is Himuro shrine. Its guardian spirit is for ice (including ice works).

It is famous for the cherry blossoms.

Deer in Nara park

The center of Nara town, there is the Nara park (502 ha) that is just like the Central Park in NY.

People are walking, playing and enjyoing at the park.
At the Central Park, we can find a squirrel on the tree.

At the Nara park, we can watch many (over 1,200) deer.


Deer in Nara park are sacred messengers from gods of Kasuga-taisya shrine.