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At the Spring Evening, I was walking around the downtown in Kyoto.

Cherry tree at Gion, Kyoto

Night cherry tree at Gion, Kyoto

restaurant at Shirakawa river side, Kyoto

Restaurant at Shirakawa river side

Gion in Kyoto

Gion in Kyoto

Shirakawa river & Cherry trees

Small Shrine at Gion

Gion is well known as Maiko (young geisha) and geisha district. If you’re lucky, you will see them on the street.  unfortunately I never met them. 

Famous sakura tree

Cherry blossoms at Maruyama park

Maruyama park is the famous place to watch cherry blossoms in spring.  There are so many people who are drinking sake, eating, laughing, singing and sleeping under the cherry trees during the cherry blossom season.

Yasaka shrine's paper lanterns